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Ship  Canada 

Prices will  vary in Canada, due to the distance from Calgary.  The Large Garage, Garage, Small Garage, Garden Shed and Gazebo Cupolas can be shipped and delivered Purolator courier to your door. 

The Super Estate and Estate Cupolas must be shipped by truck. The rate is steep because of size. The estimated rate is $400 for the Super Estate and $300 for the Estate to be shipped to a local freight depot such as Manitoulin Truck Lines. 
I will add $200 for packing, cartons and delivery to the Calgary depot.

You may come and visit and pick up your cupola at no shipping or packing charge.

Weathervane shipping will depend if I am shipping from my inventory or from my supplier.


Calgary Cupola #205 Estate packed for transport to Stella, Ontario in the St Lawrence river near Kingston.
The copper cupola roof was labelled "Top Load" and made it safely.
Manitoulin Transport was the carrier in June 2017.

Calgary Cupola #164 Estate, three piece delivery enroute to Medicine Hat, Alberta

Calgary Cupola #167 Estate, two piece delivery to Springbank airport near Calgary, for Edmonton, Alberta

Calgary Cupola & Weathervane  
Handcrafted Cupolas from my workshop to your rooftop

Last updated:
  16 January 2017

Mark Soehner 
Calgary Cupola & Weathervane

96 Havenhurst Crescent SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada   T2V 3C5
(403) 630-0968 Cellular
(403) 259-5571 Home office, Workshop & and voice mail

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