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Orders CalgaryCupola.com Calgary Cupola & Weathervane
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#167 Estate.
This is a 5/12 slope cupola.

Design and Price your handcrafted Calgary Cupola using the Calgary Cupola Designer

Every handcrafted Calgary Cupola order is custom designed and built to meet your unique building needs. You are the Customer. Here...... the Customer is King.

How do we get going .....Advise me on the slope and the size you are thinking of. If you absolutely cannot measure the slope, send me a digital photo of the end of the roof as close to being square with the roof as possible. I can make measurements from the photo. Also if you can and want, share your project with me - email a digital photo of the project or plan, or describe what you are building, so that I have an good idea on what you are doing and out to accomplish. I may have e a suggestion or two to save your grief.

Since this is a custom project, decide on how far you want me to go in finishing the cupola: To paint or not to paint. To shingle or not to shingle. I can four-coat spray paint the cupola at my shop, or you can struggle with the brush at your end. I can match the asphalt shingling here in Calgary, or you can do the job at your end. Your choices.

The most popular, the three sizes of Garage Cupolas (Large, Standard, Small) and the Garden Shed Cupola have been sent to the US by US Postal Service parcel post, and in Canada by Canada Post parcel post and Greyhound Express. For USA Customers, I have found that a customs clearance fee is included in what has been paid Canada Post here, and therefore have not heard of a Customs charge at your end. I am equally not aware of Canadian or US taxes on your purchase.

For the Super Estate and Estate Cupola, a business delivery address with loading dock is preferred. Alternatively, the cupola can be sent to a trucking depot for your pick up. In the USA, we have found home delivery (with a truck having a hydraulic tailgate) is a $100 US premium from the depot. Yes, the local delivery premium is shocking! We have been asking for, and including your SS# on all our USA invoices on theses sizes. The trucking company asks for this.

The shipping prices below in the Cupola Designer are an estimate rate to the USA and Canada. I am hoping not to loose money on shipping and make every effort to keep on top of these estimates.

I have provided sizes and weights below in the designer to assist conceptualizing sizes of the cupolas.

Canadians note: There is no Provincial Sales Tax on your shipments from me - Alberta is tax free. However, I must add the 5 % General Sales Tax to all Canadian shipping, cupola, and weathervane prices.

Optional weathervane
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Cupola Skirt

The following options can be combined to meet your specific needs.

Calgary Cupola Size - Scroll Through One of Seven Sizes $CDN $US
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Cap Size: drip line inches squared in the 5/12 pitch

Cap Weight: pounds

Base Size: base size in inches squared

Base Weight: pounds

Cupola Height: total height in inches in a 5/12 pitch
Cupola Roof Style - all sizes are now the four sided cottage roof

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Insect Screen - yes or no

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Roofing Material - Scroll Through One of Four Options

- Scroll Through One of Three Finish Options

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Weathervane Selection - Please see the Weathervane sub web page for the full listing. Add your comment below.

Please insert desired weathervane image:
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Weathervane Socket - for the 3/4" steel rod used in mounting a copper weathervane- yes or no

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Shipping Estimate - Scroll Through One of Two Shipping Options

Shipping " onFocus="document.form1.T7C.blur()" style="text-align: right; border: none;"> " onFocus="document.form1.T7U.blur()" style="text-align: right; border: none;">
Packing and Handling " onFocus="document.form1.T9C.blur()" style="text-align: right; border: none;"> " onFocus="document.form1.T9U.blur()" style="text-align: right; border: none;">

Subtotal " onFocus="document.form1.totalCSub.blur()" style="text-align: right; border: none;">
Canadian resident Taxes: 5% GST
(Based on Shipping destination)
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Total for Your Handcrafted Calgary Cupola " onFocus="document.form1.totalC.blur()" style="text-align: right; border: medium none; "> " onFocus="document.form1.totalU.blur()" style="text-align: right; border: medium none; ">


Your Information

Name: ">
Shipping Address including
Postal or Zip Code

A business delivery address is required for shipping the Super Estate and Estate Cupola, ensuring the lowest possible trucking rate.
Residence Telephone: ">
Business telephone: "> Leave blank if you are not able to accept calls at work.
E-Mail: "> Please ensure you have filled in your email contact information, otherwise I cannot reply by email.
Social Security Number: "> Sometimes required by shippers on USA orders. You may wish to send this with your payment, instead of email, which is acceptable to me.
Roof pitch: "> For example: 4/12 meaning four unit rise over a 12 unit run.


Enter the code from the red box into the text field. If you cannot read the characters, use the blue arrow icon to generate a new combination.
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