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Where is Calgary?
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The inspiration

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Dad and his cupola a few years back.
Where I was raised - 250 Arthur St. S. Elmira, Ontario

To the right, was home into my university years.  Dad built the Elmira house with hand tools in 1948. The cupola I am told was part of the original plan, however  I remember that the cupola was built and installed many years later in 1965 at the time of my oldest sister's wedding. I put up a Super Estate Cupola with the Good Directions copper horse in 2008. Dad died at age 92 on 31 March 2010. The house has now been sold and demolished.







The first Calgary Cupola was built in 1989 (photo above) with a set of purchased plans and installed on my garage at 96 Havenhurst Crescent SW, Calgary. The second cupola project was built in 1995 with significant changes to those plans. Since there were many complements on the second cupola, the thought of a business venture developed. More modifications came to mind with a half dozen "beta" models being built and given out to friends. I continued to refine my scope, improve production techniques, update materials, and revise the marketing effort to my current offering. I welcome your thoughts and orders. (The first two cupolas have been replaced with upgraded models.)

 On the roof - Cupola #2 in 1995 

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Past Events

Four poster bed made from BC fir when I lived briefly in Stettler, Alberta working for Gulf Canada in 1975 / 1976.
The high school offered the wood working shop to adults one evening a week during the winter, which I took advantage of, making my queen size bed.
The quilt had been made by my mom and her friends 1972 / 1973.

Speaking with Santa 21 December 2015 telling him of my Christmas wish.

Send me your requests ( weathervanes for example) as I apparently have an inside track to Santa.
    403-259-5571    403-630-0968 cel    Call me!

Millarville Market 2006 with #164 Estate and three geese flying

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Where is Calgary, Alberta? 

I am aware that people may not have heard of "Calgary" or may not know where Calgary, Alberta is. Calgary  is a city of 1 million people located in Western Canada. This business is named after the city..... My City. You may have heard of the Calgary Flames hockey club,  the Calgary Stampede & Rodeo, the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, and now Calgary Cupola & Weathervane? Yup, same place.

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The handsome men of  #2 Station "D" Shift  of the full-time Calgary Fire Department.
Number One Dress, 11 September 2004
I am now retired from the CFD, having served 28 years - 1979 through 2006
I am the handsome Leutenant on the left.

The day of the budgie rescue - Scratch and Doodle were "saved"

1954  Seagrave pumper in 1997 when I was active with the museum group.
I co-ordinated the painting of this truck, and put quite a few miles on the odometer in the process!


With the neighbour boys on 11 September 2013, the 12th Anniversary of  911.
Just arriving home from the downtown Calgary memorial service of Calgary's fallen firefighters. 
I am wearing my Calgary firefighters uniform with my three service medals - (your L to R) Canadian military service, Canadian fire service, and Alberta provincial fire service.


Thank you to my Customers - I am confident that you will continue to be happy with your purchase.
Mark Soehner

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Last updated:

16 January 2018


Mark Soehner 
Calgary Cupola & Weathervane

96 Havenhurst Crescent SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada   T2V 3C5


1 July 2007

At the time, Lt Mark Soehner of
The King's Own Calgary Regiment Band. 

Now retired (Major) from the Canadian army reserve having served only locally as a reservist from 1974 through 2011 at time period that spanned 37 years.

(403) 630-0968 Cellular
(403) 259-5571 Home office, Workshop & voice mail

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