Soehner genealogy

Soehner Genealogy
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Building erected circa 1860 and enlarged left (North) circa 1891
Great great grandfather Henry Soehner and family lived in the second level - the shop on the main floor.
The former Soehner's Woodcraft, Floradale taken 1994
Brother John and Dad.

Dad (Harry)  and my brother John at my great great grandmother Soehner's stone.
Photo taken in 1994 at the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Floradale, Ontario
Henry and Elizabeth migrated separately in 1853 and 1854 from Germany.
Henry's stone spire is six stones to the right. We could not find it that day. How did we miss it!

Harry Soehner, my dad age 77 then, at his paternal grandparents Soehner stone.
My great grandparents on the Soehner side.


Adam & Margaret (Rosenberg) Hoelscher Family
Bertha (my grandmother Soehner), Anna, John, Emma, Edith

Margaret (Rosenberg), Henry, Adam

Frederick  & Catherine (Zeigler) Soehner Family
                Henry (my grandfather Soehner), Minnie, Peter, Ella, William, Elizabeth

                      Emma, Catherine (Zeigler), Frederick, Jack

Harry and Mark Soehner at the former Frederick Soehner house in Floradale - 1994

Charles Soehner family reunion in Michigan probably prior to 1900.
I suspect the old man holding the hat is Charles Soehner (1846 - 1923).

I further suspect, in the right rear side, the other older man is Charles' older brother Henry Soehner (d 1900) ,
my great, great grandfather with two of his sons John or Frederick or Philip, or Jacob.
I am told there was regular communication between the descendent families of these two brothers into the 1960's
I visited the Michigan cousin descendants in 2004.


Elmira Polar Kings 1951 - 1952 Ontario Intermediate Champions
Harry Soehner, my dad and goalie, is front row left side.
I recognize many of these men. I was born October 1951, that Winter season.

Elmira Polar Kings
Ontario Champions
Intermediate "B"
(Names supplied by Gord and Marilyn Trap in the Fall of  2004) 

Back row from left:  Ted Wahl, Norm Clement, Lorne Musselman (Floradale), Willard "Dick" Martin, Eugene Miller, Doug Schwindt (Elora), Bob Dobbie (Fergus), Dr. Rix Wyatt, Pat Patterson, Tom Cousineau 

Middle Row from left:  Dr. C. E. Gibson (Mayor), Eddie Simon (Kitchener), Harvey Vines, Floyd "Butch" Martin (Floradale), Don Sherk, Jimmy Quinn (Elora), Reg Ridley (Elora), George Whistler (Fergus) 

Seated, from left:  O. W. "Mike" Weichel, Harry Soehner, Doug Blake (Breslau), Mike Foerster, Cole Bowman, Jim Hillis (Hespeler), Bill Becker

My dad was the primary goalie for the Polar Kings. Dad says he was the "old man" on the team. He was 35 at the time - and the old man!! In the 3rd game of this  Ontario Championship series, dad rolled his ankle and was out of the game for the duration. Persons interested in fantastic sports journalism must read the Elmira Signet coverage of the games. Wow! What reporting! Who was that reporter? It was a 9 game series - yes nine games - not a typo here - against Bracebridge!!!

Harry & Marjorie (Mulholland)  Soehner Family May 1961
Mark, John, Joyce, Tom, Dianne, David

Harry & Marjorie (Mulholland)  Soehner Family 1965
Diane, John, Tom
Joyce, Harry, Mark, David 
Douglas, Marjorie (Mulholland)

Harry & Marjorie (Mulholland)  Soehner Family 12 June 2006
Joyce, Mark, David, Tom, John

Marjorie, Harry
65th Wedding Anniversary in Elmira

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Mark Soehner
Calgary, Alberta, Canada